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White Papers

  • Zero to Sixty in Three Months – a Case Study at EPCOR
  • Workforce Planning in Challenging Economic Times
  • A Real-World Approach to Planning the Right Workforce for Tomorrow’s Organizations – Part 1: An Introduction to Workforce Planning
  • A Real-World Approach to Planning the Right Workforce for Tomorrow’s Organizations – Part 2: Getting Down to Business: How to Workforce Plan
  • Strategic Workforce Planning Overview. Why the Workforce is an Executive Imperative
  • Operational vs. Strategic WFP: Understanding the difference and when to use each
  • The Gap Between Needing and Doing: Why Some Companies Don’t Act on Strategic Workforce Planning Needs
  • What Makes a Great Workforce Planner?
  • Making the Right Business Decisions in a Downturn – How Strategic Workforce Planning Helps


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  • How Workforce Planning can help you thrive and take the lead from workspan, December 2009
  • Strategic Workforce Planning – The Foundation of Talent Management from, October/November 2009
  • Putting the “Strategic” into Workforce Planning
  • Future workforce planning for the confectionery industry imperative, says AIM/Aruspex study
  • Polishing the crystal ball
  • Staffing by design

Case Studies

  • How Toyota looks forward to a new workforce tomorrow
  • How an entire industry is building a sustainable future
  • Queensland Transport’s Journey to a New Strategic Future
  • Aetna Presents the Benefits of Capture Software
  • Developing Talent Strategies for Global Expansion
  • Modeling the Aging Workforce Risk in a Highly Skilled Role
  • Workforce Planning in Response to Tough Economic Times